3 Ways Global Benefits Technology Makes Employee Benefits More Inclusive

Last updated: 2023-11-224 min read time
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In today’s war for talent, every company understands the importance of looking after and supporting their employees. Leading employers know that one of the ways to do this is by offering employees benefits that they want, and that add value to their life.

For employee benefits to have value, they need to address the needs of employees. However, knowing exactly what benefits their employees want is no easy feat.

This is where flexible benefits come in. Flexible benefits allow companies to customize their offering by enabling employees to choose from a variety of pretax benefits. Moreover, global benefits technology enables employers to offer a wider range of flexible online benefits and create greater inclusion by addressing the needs of every employee without any additional administration for HR and payroll.

Below we look at three ways global benefits technology helps make benefits more inclusive

1. It Creates a Personalised Employee Experience

Today, in every workplace around the world, we see multiple generations working side by side. Of course, each generation has its own needs and preferences depending on life stage as well as other personal factors.

Global benefits technology allows companies to provide a unique and personalized experience for every employee and every generation. Just like when users log in to Netflix, Spotify or Amazon, every time an employee logs in to their benefits platform, they see a personalized dashboard with benefits that are applicable to them and that they’re eligible to enroll in. And, of course, personalization is crucial to employee experience.

personalised employee experience

2. It allows employees to choose how they want to use their benefits

Instead of a “take or leave it” approach to benefits, global benefits technology enables employers to offer their employees benefits that are, in fact, useful and meaningful to the individual.

Global recruitment company Adecco made the decision to implement a benefits administration system to create greater employee independence and personalization around flexible benefits. In addition to regular vacation days, Adecco offers its employees in the Netherlands an additional 13 days a year, which employees can choose to have paid out fully, paid out in part, or take as vacation days. Through their benefits administration system, employees can select what they wish to do with their 13 days directly within the portal. The system automatically calculates what the pay-out amount will be based on the employee’s selection.

Allowing employees to choose their own benefits through global benefits technology not only results in greater benefits usage and benefits satisfaction but also demonstrates that you understand and care for every one of your employees, which is crucial for inclusion.

employee talks

3. It enables your entire workforce to access their benefits

80% of the global workforce are not stationed behind desks every day. Therefore, unless you are using a global benefits platform that employees can access via an app, you are excluding the majority of your workforce. Why restrict accessibility and enrollment to office computers which can only be used during office hours?

By using app, you enable your entire workforce, including blue-collar workers, to access their benefits 24/7 when and where it is most convenient for them. This is especially important for factory workers, electricians, and those working in retail shops.

“Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.”
— Jesse Jackson

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