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Find out how Santa provides for his global workforce

“I wish I could organise my reindeers and elves that work with me all around the world in a better way. Last year, we dr...
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How can technology within HR open up new ways of supporting wellbeing at work?

Employers across the globe rose to the challenge of the corona virus and coped with it by embracing technology such as Z...
5 min read time
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Can technology help the growing concern living costs? | Benify

How is the cost of living crisis affecting people globally? The cost of living crisis has become more problematic with r...
6 min read time
Employee Benefits Event

We attended Unleash 2022, here's what we learnt.

After a two year hiatus due to Covid-19, on October 12-13 in Paris, France, over 3,000 HR professionals, suppliers and i...
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How can companies help the stressed-out sandwich generation?

What is the sandwich generation? The sandwich generation is defined as a group of middle-aged adults who care both for t...
5 min read time

How do businesses keep up with new emerging trends in HR?

There are many ways in which a business can keep ahead of the game when it comes to emerging HR trends. There are many s...
4 min read time
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Employees’ non-negotiable benefits | Avoid losing talent | Benify

You’ve probably heard the phrase: it’s not all about salary. You’ve also probably heard that providing the right benefit...
5 min read time
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Quiet quitting: What you need to know and do about it

What is quiet quitting? A recent phenomenon that’s come to light is quiet quitting and has been featured on many news ch...
6 min read time