Here’s How to Engage Generation Z

Last updated: 2020-12-074 min read time
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While many companies are still trying to understand exactly who Generation Y (aka Millennials) are and what motivates them, Generation Z are entering the workforce at a rapid pace.

As of this year, Gen Z will make up 40% of the working and consumer population. Therefore, for companies hoping to win the war on talent, the time to get to know this generation is now.

Knowing the Difference

Although today’s two youngest generations in the workplace have their similarities, knowing their differences is crucial. One significant difference is that while millennials enjoy mixing their work-life and their private life, Generation Z expects a very clear line.

We conducted a survey of 5,000 employees throughout Europe to find out their employer and workplace preferences. The results can be found in The Benefits and Engagement  Report.

Most people are aware that both generations share a passion for technology. However, while Generation Y are incredibly experienced and savvy with all things digital, it’s Generation Z who can be considered the first truly digital generation – a generation essentially born with a smartphone in their hand.


More Than Words

If you’re successfully attracted Generation Z to your organization, how do you engage them? Like any generation, in addition to using our strengths, being connected to our colleagues and feeling heard, communication is another important factor when it comes to employee engagement.

No matter how strong as a company’s core values may be, unfortunately, they aren’t worth much if employees are unaware of them. This is especially important if you’re trying to attract Generation Z.

It’s no secret that Generation Z are on a mission to save the world and to make up for the mistakes of previous generations. Therefore, to really engage this generation, companies must communicate their values and communicate what they’re doing to make a difference in the world.

Core values, company updates, achievements, milestones and employee benefits must all be communicated.

A New Way to Communicate

To engage your workforce through communication effectively, first, you have to decide what message you want to send and know which channels to use to reach your employees.

To some Gen-Zers, sending emails is already seen as something people did in the past. This is where using an employee engagement and benefits platform to send targeted messages across multiple channels is the key. Using the communications tool in your employee engagement platform, you can tailor your message to different user groups. To connect with and engage Generation Z, employers need to make full use of technology, including via push notifications.


According to a Piper Jaffray research, Gen Z’s favorite social platform is Snapchat. Of course, Snapchat is not the only platform they use; as one Inc. article explains, on average, Generation Z use up to five devices at a time, while Millennials use three. Be sure to use all channels to catch Gen Z’s attention and, above all, make sure your communication is authentic and consistent.

One thing to keep in mind is that the communication channels you choose to use could lead to fractions between the different generations in the workplace. For example, some generations could be resistant or find it difficult to adjust to WhatsApp groups, while Generation Z may see it as the most effective channel for communication.

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