The manufacturing industry and HR benefits: The recovery starts here

Last updated: 2024-05-215 min read time
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It’s been a tough time for all industries across the globe with Brexit and high inflation in the UK, the great resignation and high inflation in the US, and instability caused by the war in Ukraine. Of course, another thing that has to be mentioned is the pandemic, which although looks to be on the way out for some countries, is still a problem for others.

All of the above has caused problems for all industries, but in particular the manufacturing industry, which has had problems coping with its workforce. Many industry experts point to solutions about how the industry can best keep employees happy ranging from offering them hybrid work, better benefits, or just showing them recognition. In a recent article published by Industry Today, they say the manufacturing industry has found it hard to implement systems such as Lean and Six Sigma that are supposed to keep track of employees’ wellbeing and performance?

employee well-being and performance is easier technology

What should the manufacturing industry consider when it comes to benefits?

A small study from 2021* suggests that medical insurance, overtime pay, annual leave, and custom benefits that are monetary and non-monetary are the keys to HR benefits. They also say that 55% of respondents said that benefits influences their performance and 70% said they strongly agreed / agreed that it creates “sound industrial relationships”.

Other studies, mentioned by Industry Today, also say that prosocial benefits are the key and that there was a 13% productivity rise when workers received these types of benefits, and a rise in job satisfaction for pilots when contributions were made to charities.

Other experts within manufacturing say that HR no longer fulfils an administrative role but has an effect on people management. Many point towards technology as being the answer where HR benefits are concerned as it will facilitate things such as employees being able to swap shifts with each other more easily, or being able to stay in contact no matter where employees find themselves through a mobile app.

* the study bases its conclusion on 160 respondents and it is unclear what country these respondents are from.

But is there a one size fits all solution when it comes to HR benefits for the manufacturing industry?

With so many different manufacturing businesses out there, it’s difficult to say a definitive yes to this question. What works for one business might not work for another. But the common thread through experts and employees within the manufacturing industry is that employees need to be connected through technology. For this, it’s recommended that employers consider a cloud-based solution that has a mobile first, digital platform that has a first-class communication engine to drive specific benefits to their employees. Under current conditions and situations, there’s never been a greater need for employers and employees to communicate in a fast and efficient way.

To add to this, not all benefits need to be monetary based. If the aforementioned study and expert opinions are anything to go by, a simple recognition of how well an employee does their job could be a step in the right direction. It goes without saying that monetary benefits will always be appreciated by employees, but the manufacturing industry must make sure that the benefits they roll out are bespoke and relevant to their employees. Once this is done, then businesses should find that Industry Today are right when they say productivity is boosted and employee relationships will be greatly improved with their respective employers.

Keeping track of employee well-being and performance is easier with technology

With some manufacturing experts saying remuneration is not as important as feeling valued, it’s even more important for a company to invest in a total rewards and benefits platform. In times of uncertainty and instability, employers need to make sure their employees are looked after. Once a HR platform is rolled out across an organization or organizations, an employer will generally find they will have more time to focus on urgent issues than they did completing dated HR administration.

It's a win-win situation for the manufacturing industry.

Not only will employees feel more appreciated, employers will feel they are supporting them every step of the way as they complete their work tasks. With recent advances in HR technology, it doesn’t even matter if some employees work hybrid, remote, or in different countries across the globe. If the HR rewards and benefits system is top notch, then employees will feel connected, appreciated, and wanted.

If you want to find out what an award-winning cloud-based HR Total Rewards and Benefits platform can do for your company, then read more below.