Digital Services For Better Health During COVID-19

Last updated: 2021-04-128 min read time
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In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the risk of other illnesses - both physical and mental also increases. To combat this, Benify has teamed up with four suppliers to assemble a digital health kit aimed at preventing long-term illness in the wake of the pandemic.

The health kit will be available in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Belgium. As a result, over one million people with access to a Benify platform through their employment will get access to digital health services.

In this post, you will meet three of the suppliers, who provide practical tips on how to increase your well-being during this time.

One of the four suppliers is Braive, who have developed a special CBT program available free of charge to Benify's users designed to reduce corona-related concerns. Be sure to read our interview with Braive's Chief Psychologist Henrik Haaland Jahren, where he discusses how people’s mental health is affected during the pandemic.

Below, the other three suppliers behind the initiative - PT Online, Yogobe and Aumla - share their tips on how to maintain good health in a new and challenging everyday.


Better Balance With Yogobe

Benify's new health kit includes Yogobe - a video-based platform that fights against mental and physical illness with tools and programs in areas such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, stress and anxiety management, psychology, breathing exercises, relaxation training, pilates, running and movement training for specific needs and life situations. The offer gives users access to 1,700 videos with 75 experts.

How can yoga, meditation and mindfulness contribute to good health during the pandemic?

A new study from Harvard Medical School on what can reduce anxiety and provide better health during the corona pandemic finds that yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises can have a significant effect. Yogobe's experts also confirm the study. It’s a well-known fact that physical activity strengthens our brain, but today we can also see substantial positive psychological effects from simple breathing and relaxation exercises, which strengthen our nervous system, improve blood oxygenation and aid in getting better quality sleep. “In short, if you haven't already tried it, now is an excellent time to,” says Yogbe's CEO and founder Peter Munteanu.


Do you have any simple tips on how people can worry less and find more energy in their everyday?

  • Sit still or lie down. Inhale through the nose, fill your lungs with air and try to breathe from the stomach. Deep breathing creates calm even after just one minute.
  • Listen to guided relaxation and meditations. When you look inward, you get a clearer picture of the outside world and can handle situations more easily.
  • Replenish your energy with movement. As little as 15 minutes a day has significant effects.
  • Get outdoors. Fresh air increases your well-being. Walking in nature helps clear the mind.

Work-out at Home with PT Online

As part of the new health kit, Benify's users can access the PT Online training app, which contains lots of different, fun and effective workouts beyond the gym.

“The app provides users with a customized training program where they will be guided by descriptions and instructional videos. Before starting a workout, users need to select which accessories they have access to, such as gym equipment, powerband or just their own body weight. This way you can train when and where you want,” says Tom Liljefors, CEO of PT Online.

Do you have exercise tips that people can do at home?


  • Ankle biters: Lie on your back with bent legs and feet placed a few inches from your buttocks. Lift your upper back so that the shoulders don’t rub on the ground and then swing from side to side. Keep your arms off the floor and try to reach the instep on the side you are rocking. Press your back end against the ground throughout the movement so that your body doesn’t sink.
  • Around the world: Slide your hip back and bend slightly on your knees while leaning forward. Raise your arms upwards so that they fall over your head. Move your arms outward to the side, arching backwards so that they end up on or above your butt. Then bring your arms back up to your head. Repeat the movement several times at a slow pace and remember to keep your arms outstretched and tighten your stomach, so your body doesn’t sink.
  • Knee to elbow with towels: Use two small towels. Stand in an upright position with your feet on each towel. Move one knee forward diagonally toward the opposite elbow and then back to the starting position. Then change legs and repeat the movement on the other side. This exercise can be done at a fast or slow pace.

What workout tips would you give to those who are more sedentary than usual right now, and have lost their everyday exercise routine?

“Start small! If you don’t get a full workout, you can do one or two exercises several times during the day. For example, try doing 30 ankle biters, 10 around the world and 30 seconds of knees to elbow with towel 3 times a day. It takes less than 3 minutes but helps activate the body and counteract several of the negative effects of sedentary sitting. You can also challenge yourself or a friend to do 10-20 push-ups every hour during the day. Remember that 5-10 minutes of exercise a day is much better than no exercise at all,” says Tom.

Optimize your home office with Aumla

Aumla offers various online-based health and wellness programs. The program, available only in Swedish, is specifically designed to increase the effectiveness and happiness of those working from home.

“The program consists of simple but effective movement exercises (3–5 minutes), strength and recovery exercises (10–20 minutes), tips and inspiration on how to plan and optimize your day, and examples of a six-week training program that you can easily follow,” says Aumla's founder Miriam Sundholm.


How would you describe an optimal home office?

“The optimal home office makes you feel good. You have rewarding meetings and feel a social connection with your colleagues, even if your interactions happen to take place online. Additionally, you take the opportunity to structure your day so that it best suits you. You schedule breaks and workouts that give you focus and energy. This way you create an environment where you can be your best self,” says Miriam.

What are your 3 best tips for creating a better home office?

  • Create variation during the day, for example by changing work posture (standing/sitting) or workplace (kitchen/living room)
  • Meet your colleagues on virtual morning or afternoon tea breaks
  • Take a walk or do some squats in meetings when you do not need the computer

If you are an employer that offers a Benify platform to your employees and you have questions about the new health kit, reach out to your Benify contact person.

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