How are companies using technology and data to determine the best benefits?

Last updated: 2023-01-265 min read time
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Many companies are using HR tech to streamline their business processes, everything from admin to onboarding to internal communications. These are just some of the advantages that can be regarded as being general across the board at many organisations. When it comes to tailor-made benefits aimed at a portion of a company’s workforce, or even specific individuals within an organisation, there are different ways in which HR technology and data can help create bespoke benefits for workforces across organisations. It’s worth stressing that the data mentioned is not the type that is collected in secret without employees’ consent but data that employees give voluntarily through different channels using HR tech that have communication engines that are optimised for mobile devices and desktops.

Some of the best ways in which companies are using HR tech to determine the best benefits for their employees are:

Company Surveys

There are many surveys that are designed to get specific insight about employees. One of the most common surveys is simply about asking the question: who do employees feel overall? Good HR tech will make it easier to design a survey to answer that question, and will be mostly automated, sending out a survey on, typically, a weekly or monthly basis. With all answers being anonymous, employees can feel at ease answering questions or voicing their opinions that they might not want to do face-to-face with a manager. Once these surveys start collecting data, then it’s easy to get the lie of the land across the whole organisation, and roll out benefits that will suit a large percentage of employees. According to Human Resource Executive, investments in HR tech and wellness was 2 billion dollars, citing the pandemic as being partly the reason.

determine best benefits

Individual Health Surveys

Of course, there is no one size fits all when it comes to rolling out benefits across an organisation. Some employees will like running marathons, other will like knitting, whilst others will like creating art. So, how does a company ensure that individual employees with specific needs and wishes don’t fall between the cracks? Well, like the previous answer, individual surveys are the answer. Now, this might sound like a lot of work, but HR tech will come to the rescue again. It’s just as easy to set up individual surveys as it is for a whole organisation, and employees will be invited to answer specific questions that will highlight what they need to have going forward. Again, these surveys can be sent out on an automated and scheduled basis, and will alert managers if an employee feels as if they are suffering from, for example, stress. A benefit or benefits can then be targeted at that individual employee to help them get back to full capacity again.


This might not be an obvious way of collecting data, but it’s an area that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to HR tech. Some HR platforms will offer the option of opening up a section of the platform that is dedicated to discounts on products from high street stores. This can include everything from kitchen equipment to spa treatments to holidays. Whenever an employee purchases a product or service through the platform with the discount, this information is collected and sent back to the supplier(s). After this, it is easier to tell what kind of products and services employees are buying, and a company can therefore target specific retailers and suppliers for their employees. A good range of discounts can put employees at ease, especially in times of high inflation and cost of living. This may not work for every company out there, but for those who offer discounts to their workforce generally find them to be more engaged.

Global Online Benefits

These three areas are just some of the ways in which companies are using data to boost employee engagement and wellbeing. It goes without saying that the best way to collect data is to make it easy to capture through a digital mobile or desktop HR platform. Not every employee will be behind a desk, so it’s even more important to collect data from employees that might work on their feet (e.g. health professionals, construction workers). With a combination of surveys, polls and discounts, through a HR tech platform that’s easily accessible and easy to use, companies should have no problem ascertaining what their employees needs and wishes are, whether it be across a whole organisation or as individuals.

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