Employee Experience

4 Ways to Use Data to Better Understand Your Workforce

From the very beginning stages of recruitment through to job performance, career development, and offboarding, companies...
5 min read time
Employee Benefits Employee Experience

Is THIS Employee Benefit the Secret to Employee Retention?

Right now, we’re witnessing what’s referred to as a declining workforce with the share of employees older than 55 years ...
4 min read time
Employee Benefits Employee Health

3 Ways That Better Physical Wellbeing Can Drive Social Wellbeing

When most people think about their happiness at work, understandably, they think about their job, their salary and wheth...
4 min read time
Employee Health Employee Experience

How to Use Technology to Support Employee Wellbeing

According to a 2018 Gallup study of almost 7,500 employees, 23% of employees said they feel burned out at work very ofte...
5 min read time

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Employee Benefits Employee Experience

Work-Life Balance and Parental Leave: Two Secrets to Happiness in Scandinavia

The World Happiness Report is an annual report that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves ...
5 min read time
Employee Benefits

What Is Shared Parental Leave?

All across the world, Scandinavia is known for its generous paid parental leave policies. While there are some variation...
4 min read time
Employee Communication

Improve Employee Communication Through Personalization

Every day, we are overloaded with information 320 billion daily emails will be sent next year Personalization and releva...
5 min read time
Employee Benefits Employee Experience

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Benefits Platform That Can Deliver Globally

Although every multinational organization is unique, most face similar challenges managing their global benefits and tot...
5 min read time
Employee Benefits Employee Experience

3 Ways Global Benefits Technology Makes Employee Benefits More Inclusive

In today’s war for talent, every company understands the importance of looking after and supporting their employees. Lea...
4 min read time