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Combining Global Mobility and Benefits: Key Considerations and Opportunities with Digitalisation

This blog is guest authored by Tom Saunders, Business Development Manager, International. Global mobility is on the rise...
12 min read time

How technology is driving the efficiency of HR reward and benefit processes

This blog is guest authored by Oliver James Evason, International Advisor | Pre-Sales Gone are the days when consumer-gr...
6 min read time
Employee Experience Digitalisation

How to tackle HR technology challenges during divestment

This blog is guest authored by Business Development Director, Dale Smile. Cutting costs, focusing on core businesses, ac...
7 min read time
Employee Benefits Employee Experience Digitalisation

Five Ways You Can Become A Progressive Employer

In today’s ever-evolving employment landscape, the role of an employer is undergoing a profound transformation. The expe...
6 min read time
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Time for a benefits platform? All you need to know for managing a multinational team.

Employee needs are changing at a rapid pace, and teams need an agile system that can facilitate hyper-personalized benef...
6 min read time
Employee Experience Digitalisation

How Using Data and Evidence Can Optimise a Health and Wellness Strategy

Data, in any form, allows for better decision making. Using claims data to direct your health and well-being strategy is...
7 min read time
Employee Experience Digitalisation

Three ways HR Tech creates individualization

The world is in turmoil, and everybody is feeling the pinch. This also affects employers when it comes to meeting the di...
6 min read time
Employee Benefits Digitalisation

Align CFO & Global Benefit priorities through the digitalization of your benefits program

This blog is written by a guest author, Thomas Saunders, Strategic Partnerships Manager, part of our International Team ...
9 min read time