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Why Independence Matters: Choosing the Right Employee Benefits Provider

Since its formation in 2004, Benify has been proudly independent. But why does independence matter? In this post, we exp...
4 min read time
Employee Benefits Digitalisation

3 Ways Companies Can Use Technology to Individualize Employee Benefits

As consumers, we all want to be seen as individuals. As such, we expect services and products to match our needs and int...
5 min read time
Employee Benefits Digitalisation

Benefits Technology: Tomorrow’s trends for communication and engagement

To increase employee engagement today and in the future, employers can harness the power of benefits technology to: Crea...
6 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Experience Digitalisation

HR Technology: Using Data to Improve Performance

Throughout the employee lifecycle - from recruitment and onboarding to development opportunities and offboarding - techn...
5 min read time

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