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Work-Life Balance and Parental Leave: Two Secrets to Happiness in Scandinavia

The World Happiness Report is an annual report that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves ...
5 min read time
Employee Benefits

What Is Shared Parental Leave?

Throughout the world, Scandinavia is known for its generous paid parental leave policies. While there are some variation...
4 min read time
Employee Communication

Improve Employee Communication Through Personalization

Every day, we are overloaded with information 320 billion daily emails will be sent next year Personalization and releva...
5 min read time
Employee Benefits Employee Experience

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Benefits Platform That Can Deliver Globally

Although every multinational organization is unique, most face similar challenges managing their global benefits and tot...
5 min read time

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Employee Benefits Employee Experience

3 Ways Global Benefits Technology Makes Employee Benefits More Inclusive

In today’s war for talent, every company understands the importance of looking after and supporting their employees. Lea...
4 min read time
Employee Experience

How To Create A Sense Of Community Across Your Multinational Organization

Creating unity across offices and across borders is a challenge Select benefits that reinforce company values Create con...
4 min read time
Total Reward

How to Increase Employee Awareness of Total Reward Using a Smartphone

Next time you’re sitting on the bus or train, take a quick look at the people around you. What’s the one thing they all ...
6 min read time
Total Reward

Using Total Reward Statements to Create Trust and Transparency

Transparency and trust are vital to the relationship between employer and employee. In an interview for Forbes, Stephen ...
4 min read time