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How can companies help the stressed-out sandwich generation?

What is the sandwich generation? The sandwich generation is defined as a group of middle-aged adults who care both for t...
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How do businesses keep up with new emerging trends in HR?

There are many ways in which a business can keep ahead of the game when it comes to emerging HR trends. There are many s...
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What are employees’ non-negotiable benefits? How to avoid losing talent through dealbreakers.

You’ve probably heard the phrase: it’s not all about salary. You’ve also probably heard that providing the right benefit...
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Quiet quitting: What you need to know and do about it

What is quiet quitting? A recent phenomenon that’s come to light is quiet quitting and has been featured on many news ch...
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How can employees work at an optimum level without burning-out?

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified burnout as an occupational disease back in 2019. The symptoms include lac...
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How does HR technology improve family well-being?

There have been many stresses and strains on family situations over the last few years, and none have been more acute th...
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How the cost of living crisis is impacting employees’ retirement plans and what can be done about it.

Inflation and the cost of living crisis has hit everyone hard. Generation Z and Millennials might feel as if getting a m...
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Top five tips on how best to use bonuses and incentives during economic pressure

Inflation is hitting all-time highs in countries across the world and forecasts say the figure will peak in October. Thi...
6 min read time