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How to Use Intelligence to Understand Your Global Workforce

It is very hard to transform your culture and your workforce to be a relevant company in the digital world if all of you...
4 min read time
Employee Experience

Benify 2019 Core Values Winners & Why Values are Important

Every year, during the annual Benify Spring Conference, Benify takes time to recognise and award three employees who hav...
5 min read time
Employee Experience

Benify Rockets: Recognizing and Developing Star Performers

At Benify, we believe it’s important to nurture and develop our people. We believe it’s important to recognize and rewar...
7 min read time
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Why Every Company Needs a Personalized Employee Experience

Think back to a time, not so long ago, before on-demand TV and streaming music - a time before we could listen to or wat...
4 min read time

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Employee Experience

Offboarding: Make a Positive Last(ing) Impression

Everyone knows the expression “first impressions count”, and there’s perhaps no greater truth to this than in recruitmen...
4 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Experience

Using Data to Create a Personalized Employee Experience

Today, whether you’re listening to music on Spotify or watching a series on Netflix, not only do you have an unparallele...
4 min read time
Employee Engagement Employee Experience

How To Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to brand and reputation, most companies generally focus on how their consumers view their products and ser...
4 min read time
Employee Experience

Employee Experience and Where First Impressions Begin

As an employer trying to attract talent in a competitive market, you may think that the all-important first impression o...
3 min read time